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Student Conduct and Responsibilities

As a Rowan College at Burlington County student, you are a member of the college community. All RCBC students are considered to be adults in the eyes of the college and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Students are ultimately responsible for their own conduct and the conduct of their
guests and visitors.

The Student Code of Conduct and the college policies and procedures are designed to ensure that students are aware of acceptable and appropriate behavior on campus, in classrooms, on campus trips, online and in the community. Students can access the Code of Conduct online at

Students also have rights and responsibilities while taking classes on campus or online. 

Students have a right to:

• Mutually respectful interactions with other students, faculty and staff

• Knowledgeable faculty and staff

• Receive student-focused college services and support as appropriate

• Discuss various ideas in a civilized manner in and outside of the classroom

• Feel safe on campus

• Access campus policies and procedures

• Access to technology and other resources

• Receive timely communications regarding campus information and updates

• Receive timely follow ups to questions or concerns

• Receive accommodations for disabilities with appropriate documentation

• Due process in addressing matters such as behavioral or academic disputes

• The confidentiality of their educational records as referenced in the published catalog policy

• Discuss policy, procedures and campus changes through the Student Government and other appropriate channels

Students have a responsibility to:

• Take ownership of their educational planning including academic requirements for their degree

• Maintain good academic standing

• Prepare for class and complete course requirements

• Minimize distracting behavior that could impact other students’ learning

• Follow standard expectations for student behavior, including following the code of conduct and civility policies

• Engage in mutually respectful interactions with other students, faculty and staff

• Self advocate, seek help and provide documentation when needed to support requests for assistance or support

• Report suspicious behavior, follow established campus rules and exercise driving and parking lot etiquette

• Follow college deadlines for registration and services

• Not share passwords for email and other college systems or disclose private information about others

• Check email regularly for communication from the college and instructors

• Be aware of college finances and make payment arrangements prior to deadlines

• Understand student rights, campus services, and college policies and procedures

• Use college resources appropriately and respect college facilities

For more information on the Student Code of Conduct procedure, prohibited behavior, or the Hearing Process for violations, please visit