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College Mission

Rowan College at Burlington County transforms lives by delivering innovative, high-quality and affordable educational experiences in an accessible and diverse environment.

College Goals

  1. Establish user-friendly, transparent, timely and accessible processes and pipelines to improve communication and collaboration throughout the college.

  2. Promote an inclusive and equitable campus and community climate.

  3. Foster an organizational culture that supports individual growth and learning as well as innovation within the RCBC community.

  4. Develop and support processes, procedures, and policies that provide for individual and institutional compliance and accountability.

  5. Continually evaluate business processes and procedures to improve efficiency and control costs.

  6. Explore external funding opportunities.

  7. Expand and communicate options to students regarding their investment in education.

  8. Reach out to diverse populations and continually explore opportunities to expand access to an RCBC education.

  9. Increase retention, graduation and transfer rates in accordance with identified parameters.

  10. Create, support, and encourage participation in experiential learning opportunities to prepare students for employment and academic advancement.

  11. Foster an environment supportive of students’ holistic needs.

  12. Develop the structure and support for institutional planning, data driven decision-making, and alignment of financial resources.

  13. Provide an engaging and enriching educational experience that is guided by best practices and processes for continuous improvement.

  14. Optimize program and course delivery.

  15. Develop and implement new processes to improve the quality and effectiveness of hiring, retaining, promoting and supporting employees.

College Vision

To be the primary choice for learners to experience innovative educational opportunities – a leader in providing cost-effective pathways toward academic, career and personal success, while cultivating a sense of pride in all of our students, faculty, staff and community members.

College History

Founded as Burlington County College in 1966, the college opened its doors to 1,051 students in 1969 at Lenape High School. The Pemberton Campus opened a few years later in 1971. In 1972, the college received accreditation by the Commission on Higher Education, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Throughout the next several years, the college underwent a series of changes, including increased enrollment, the opening of new campuses, the addition of more degree programs and several leadership changes (see below).

In 2015, Burlington County College was renamed to Rowan College at Burlington County, in recognition of its historic partnership with Rowan University.

In 2016, RCBC became the first community college in New Jersey authorized to offer junior-year courses in its “3+1” option to Rowan University.

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