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Student Life, Government, Clubs & Organizations

Rowan College at Burlington County believes in developing well-rounded student leaders.

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life is located on the first floor of the Student Success Center in Mount Laurel. For information about clubs, organizations, and Student Government you may call (856) 222-9311, ext. 2251. If you need information about intramurals or recreational activities, please call (856) 291-4257.

Student Participation in College Governance

Students have opportunities to participate in the college decision-making process through the Student Government Association and Student Senate. Please call (856) 222-9311, ext. 2251 for details on how you can participate.

Student Government Association

Student Government is composed of a group of active students involved in representing the interests of the associated students of RCBC on college governance committees and programs. Participation allows a student to work cooperatively with fellow students, faculty, staff, and administration. The RCBC Student Government is composed of the following branches: Executive Board, Programming Board and Student Senate.

Clubs and Organizations

In order for a club or organization to be officially recognized, students must follow the procedure for recognition developed by the Office of Student Life. If you would like to form a new organization on campus please visit the Office of Student Life, located on the first floor of the Student Success Center in Mount Laurel or contact

Recognition allows funding for events and the use of a variety of college facilities. All clubs, in addition to adhering to the stated purpose of the group, are involved in campus service projects. Clubs bring to the college a variety of events including but not limited to speakers, films and entertainers.

A list of current clubs and organizations can be viewed via the Student Life online engagement system, Campus Labs, at New groups are always being formed.

Campus Involvement

The Office of Student Life understands that RCBC students are busy, so we’ve come up with a way for you to get involved in student life without having to take time away from your job, friends, or academics. By using our online platform, Campus Labs, students can easily access information on campus activities and student clubs.

Campus Labs is available on your computer, tablet, or phone. It provides students with a way to meet new students, join clubs, get information about activities, weigh in on polls, voice your student concerns, and so much more. You can access the system through your Baron One account, just look for the Campus Labs tile when you log in.

Do you have questions? Contact the Office of Student Life at (856) 222-9311, ext. 2251 or email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Public Notices

Any student wishing to post public notices must have them approved by the Office of Student Life. Notices may only be placed on official bulletin boards.

Student Areas on Campus

There are various areas on campus where students can congregate for social interaction. These areas include: Student Lounges

There are a number of lounge areas situated throughout college buildings. All activities in lounges must be requested through the Office of Student Life.

On the Mount Laurel Campus, there are a number of different lounges available for students located in each building. A list and description of each lounge and student space on campus can be found at