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The Rowan College at Burlington County Board of Trustees is a governing body of Rowan College at Burlington County. The Board is a 12-member group appointed by the Burlington County Board of Commissioners or the governor. Information about the board and its meetings is available at

The board consists of:

Dr. Anthony Wright, chair
Dr. James Kerfoot, vice chair
Dorion Morgan, treasurer
Dr. Michael A. Cioce, college president & board secretary
Justin Braz
Kevin Brown
Lorraine Hatcher
Raymond Marini, executive county superintendent for Burlington County
Gino A. Pasqualone
Mickey Quinn
Regina Reed
Kelly Grant, solicitor

Trustees who have earned emeriti status

Betty Lou Barnard
Dr. George W. Dean
Judge Victor Friedman
Lucille Gerber
John F. Heimmer
Dr. Joseph Howe
John Kelley
Stephen V. Lee III
William K. McDaniel
George Nyikita
Dr. Eric Olandt
Lewis M. Parker
Malcolm P. Pennypacker
Emmett Spurlock
Carol H. Talbot
Samuel Thomas
Ronald D. Winthers