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Public Safety (Parking, ID Cards, Weather Emergencies)

The Rowan College at Burlington County Public Safety Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life on campus by providing the highest level of professional security and safety services. This is accomplished by integrating the optimum combinations of state-of-the-art technology and personal service to the college community.

In accomplishing our mission we are guided by the following values that serve as a foundation for every action we take: Service, Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Accountability, Mentoring, and Appreciation.

Contact Information

Mount Laurel
(856) 222-9311, ext. 2100

Mount Holly
(609) 267-5618, ext. 4100

A Public Safety Officer is available 24 hours a day to answer your call at (856) 434-SAFE (7233). At the Mount Holly Campus at (609) 267-5618, ext. 4100, Public Safety is only available during hours of operations. After hours, all incoming emergency calls will be routed from the centers to one of the campuses.

For life threatening emergencies call 911, then Public Safety:

• Explain the nature of the emergency

• Your name

• The building and campus from which you are calling

• Your exact location (room number)

• Answer all questions and do not hang up until the operator if finished

The Public Safety Department has access to all areas, buildings, classrooms, custodial closets, offices, etc. The parking lots, walkways, and outside patios are well illuminated, patrolled, and monitored by the Public Safety Department. 

ID Cards

The student ID card is your official college identification and must be carried at all times while on the college premises. Students must obtain an ID card to use college services such as the Library, computer labs, Test Center and College Store. In order to obtain an ID card, students must visit the Public Safety Department during business hours Monday through Friday and by phone call appointment on Saturday. Your current class schedule and valid photo ID are required in order to obtain your ID. There will be a $20 replacement fee for each additional card required. 

Registration of Motor Vehicles

Faculty, staff and students must register their vehicles with RCBC’s Public Safety Department. Vehicles can be registered by visiting the Public Safety Department during business hours Monday through Friday and by phone call appointment on Saturday. Vehicles can be registered at the Public Safety Office at each RCBC campus. You must show your state registration and a valid photo driver’s license in order to receive your RCBC vehicle registration. All privately owned vehicles driven by students will be parked only in student lots. Failure to comply will result in a citation.

Should a student, faculty or staff member need to temporarily park a vehicle on campus other than the vehicle registered with the RCBC Public Safety Department, the individual must immediately report to the Public Safety Department. A temporary parking pass will be issued for the necessary duration of time. Failure to comply will result in a citation.

Users of the college parking lots will be issued two parking decals at no expense. There will be a $10 charge for additional decals. Decals may be obtained in the Public Safety Office at any RCBC campus. Students must notify Public Safety when a vehicle should be deleted from the Public Safety records.

To obtain an ID card and parking permit, each student must be registered for classes, have paid all charges by the established deadlines, and have a valid photo ID, driver’s license, or passport.

Parking is restricted to designated parking lots. Students must park only in designated spaces. Complete parking rules and regulations will be found in the Student Handbook.

Traffic and Parking Violations

Users of the college campus who fail to comply with parking and traffic regula­tions and parking regulations on college grounds are subject to the following fines:

1. Failure to register
a motor vehicle $10

2. Parking violation
First offense $10
Second offense $20
Third offense $30
Four or more offenses $40

and/or towing and/or loss of parking privileges

3. Moving violation
First offense $25
Second offense $40
Third offense $75

4. Parking violation in posted disabled area without
NJ disabled decal $250

and/or towing and/or loss of parking privileges

5. A service charge of $10 will be added to all violations.


Failure to pay fines or appeal within the time limits will result in the freezing of student records. Students whose records are frozen may not register at any time in the future until their financial obligation is fulfilled. Fines may be paid by mail or in person at the Accounting Office.

RCBC reserves the right to tow vehicles (at the owner’s expense) for traffic violations.

Drug-Free Campus

It is an objective of Rowan College at Burlington County to provide a safe, drug-free environment for members of the college community and to comply with the provisions of the Drug-Free Workplace Act and other applicable laws. Receipt of federal grant funds is conditioned upon the agreement of the college to comply with federal law; failure to comply may result in the suspension or termination of a grant award or the college’s eligibility for federal grants.

The Student Code of Conduct (Board Policy 903 B) makes it unlawful to manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess or use a controlled substance on campus. Students found in violation will be reported to the local authorities and may be expelled from the college.

Weather-Related Emergencies

RCBC uses several different media to alert students to emergencies, such as weather-related closings or delays.

Messages will be sent via phone calls, text and email messages to the contacts listed in a student’s Self-Service account. Students should make sure their contact information is always accurate and up-to-date. To update your contact information, log in to Self-Service and click on “emergency contact information.” In the event of severe weather that may interrupt the college schedule, announcements will be posted on the college website, and social media pages and with local television and radio outlets.